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Michael Jordan's former Chicago Bulls teammate is coming to his defense ... with Ron Harper telling us Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's criticism of MJ is simply unfair ... he ABSOLUTELY cares about people over shoe sales. Kareem went after MJ during an event in D.C. last week for an incident that went down back in '92 ... when Jordan reportedly refused to help black democrat Harvey Gantt in his campaign to unseat racist republican senator Jesse Helms because "Republicans buy sneakers, too." Kareem said, "You canтАЩt be afraid of losing shoe sales if youтАЩre worried about your civil and human rights. [Jordan] took commerce over conscience. ItтАЩs unfortunate for him, but heтАЩs gotta live with it." "He may not come out and tell the world [what his values are] ... but he's one of the smartest guys I've ever been around."
Justin Bieber was visibly shaken by news that his pal Lil Wayne had to be hospitalized -- and also broke some news himself ... saying he's got no beef with Floyd Mayweather. Justin was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Bev Hills when our photog let him know Weezy had suffered multiple seizures in Chicago over the weekend. You can hear it in his voice ... Justin had no idea. Then the convo turned to his other famous friend, and Justin explained what really went down between himself and Mayweather. He claims it was just about "setting boundaries."
One of Kim Zolciak's sons is in the hospital recovering from an operation after he was bitten by a dog this weekend. Kim posted a pic Sunday of 4-year-old Kash Kade Biermann in a hospital bed, with a pretty gnarly description. Apparently, he's been there since Saturday night after he was bitten by a dog ... which sent him to the operating room. In the post, Kim says Kash suffered "traumatic injuries" and the operation lasted a couple hours. The whole family seems to be there by his side. Kim noted she'd be missing her guest spot on Andy Cohen's show Sunday night.
Taylor Swift is in a one-way feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Taylor has put Kim and Kanye in her crosshairs in her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do," comparing them in the music video to Brutus who backstabbed Julius Caesar. Our Kim and Kanye sources say their well-publicized feud -- triggered by Kanye's song "Famous" in which he referenced Taylor with the lyric, "I made that bitch famous" -- is old and buried. As for Kanye, our sources say there are certain feuds he deeply cares about ... like the one in which he's embroiled with Jay-Z and Tidal. As one well-connected source put it, "They're like brothers who fight but feel bad about it and always end up coming together." Taylor, on the other hand, isn't even on his radar.

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"American Idol" is struggling to land judges to join Katy Perry because of budget limitations, but it still has a weapon on reserve to lure 'em in -- a partnership with Disney. Our 'A.I.' sources tell us ... the show's talent budget has a $40 million cap, which has been depleted by signing Perry for $25 mil and Ryan Seacrest for just over $10 mil. So, producers are having to get creative and sweeten the deal by offering celebs Disney perks that will turn into a big payday. We're told the perks include production deals, licensing and merchandising deals for Disney properties ... and also theme park partnerships. For example, Disney's Hollywood Studios features the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith ... but can always add more names.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will expand their brood by 1 come Winter. We're told baby #3 is due at the end of January. Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate because she has a medical condition -- placenta accreta -- that became extremely serious during her second pregnancy and we're told it could become life-threatening if she tried to carry another baby to term. They paid $45k for the surrogate, who is prohibited from smoking, drinking or doing drugs during the pregnancy. Also, no hot tubs, hair dye and raw fish.
Big win for Ezekiel Elliott -- who was just granted a preliminary injunction from a federal judge in Texas ... which blocks the NFL from imposing his 6-game suspension ... at least for now. What does it mean -- Zeke will likely play the entire NFL season without missing a single game. The NFL Player's Association had filed the lawsuit on behalf of Elliott, claiming the Dallas Cowboys star did not get a fair hearing in front of the arbitrator in his appeal of the domestic violence punishment. The judge agreed ... saying there was a "cloud of fundamental unfairness" in the proceedings. The judge didn't think it was fair for Elliott to be punished with that cloud looming.
Law enforcement sources tell us the incident went down Tuesday afternoon at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. The 48-year-old comedic actor allegedly got into a physical confrontation with a valet attendant over how much he was being charged. We're told the employee suffered minor injuries. Faizon was arrested for misdemeanor assault -- according to WCMH in Columbus -- and will remain in jail until his arraignment on Wednesday. We reached out to Faizon's camp ... so far no word back.
LAPD rushed to the home of Diddy's kids in response to a death threat and gunfire call ... but it may just be a bad comeback for "swatting." Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops got a call early Thursday AM that a disturbing letter threatening to kill everybody in the house was left on the doorstep of baby mama Kim Porter's L.A. area home. Officers rushed to the scene, but no one was home ... nor was there a letter. Six minutes after cops left ... another call came in reporting multiple shots were fired, and the house was engulfed in flames. Police rushed back, but again ... nothing.
Katy Perry is in a toe jam, after a woman claims she lost one of hers while working on the singer's tour. Christina Fish claims in a lawsuit she was hired as a stagehand for Katy's Prismatic World Tour in 2014. On the night of Katy's Raleigh, NC concert she was asked to help move a wall ... when it got stuck and then rolled across her foot. She says she felt her shoe fill with blood. She says she was offered ice but no one called for an ambulance, so she had to call a friend to pick her up and take her to the ER. Christina says her right toe became gangrenous, and eventually needed to be amputated. She says she wasn't able to use her foot for months. She also says she suffered great emotional distress, because orthopedic doctors instructed her to keep her "dead toe" on as long as possible before the eventual amputation.
The "old" Taylor Swift may be dead, but the new one still wants to make a buck off her ... TMZ has learned. T-Swift has filed to trademark a bunch of titles and catchphrases from her new album, "Reputation" -- for instance, the line, "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" from her single "Look What You Made Me Do" ... as well as the song title itself. According to the docs, she wants to use the lyrics on a ton of merchandise ... like t-shirts, notebooks, guitar picks, jewelry, bags, and pretty much any other accessory a Swiftie could want.

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Taylor Swift is in a one-way feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Taylor has put Kim and Kanye in her crosshairs in her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do," comparing them in the music video to Brutus who backstabbed Julius Caesar. Our Kim and Kanye sources say their well-publicized feud -- triggered by Kanye's song "Famous" in which he referenced Taylor with the lyric, "I made that bitch famous" -- is old and buried. As for Kanye, our sources say there are certain feuds he deeply cares about ... like the one in which he's embroiled with Jay-Z and Tidal. As one well-connected source put it, "They're like brothers who fight but feel bad about it and always end up coming together." Taylor, on the other hand, isn't even on his radar.
Big fan of Kareem Hunt's insane debut on Thursday? Thank the Dallas Cowboys ... so says Michael Irvin. The Playmaker was clearly impressed with the rookie RB after the Chiefs put the smackdown on Tom Brady and the Patriots ... telling TMZ Sports the dude WENT OFF! So, how do the Cowboys fit in? "What you will see now is more guys getting opportunities because of what the young guys like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott did," Irvin explained. Dak and Zeke got the keys to the Cowboys kingdom as rookies last year and lit it up -- and now Irvin says other teams are willing to take a chance on starting rooks in the hopes of recreating the same magic.
Kevin Hart was feelin' it Friday night at Usher's Vegas concert. Kev was showing off his moves with wife Eniko Parrish during the charity concert for HartBeat at the Cosmopolitan on the Strip. It's the 4th annual festival, held during Labor Day Weekend, featuring comedy shows including a set by Dave Chappelle. Kevin is the driving force behind HeartBeat, which benefits charities that work to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.
Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson is suing Perez Hilton and Sunset Photo and News Agency for libel -- to the tune of $20 million! According to the Daily News, the Sapphic celebrity DJ is miffed that both sites claimed she was making money by tipping off paparazzi on special friend Lohan. She's also taking issue with both sites' reports that Ronson was responsible for the cocaine found in LiLo's car the night of her most recent crash. Neither Perez nor Sunset have publicly responded to the claims. Diddy baby mama/recent ex Kim Porter could make more than $1 million a year in child support. The long time lovah of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has three children with him -- a son, Christian, 10, and 7-month-old twins, D'Lilah Star and Jesse James -- but recently split with the hip hop mogul over the social butterfly's hard partying ways.
The war between Ray J and Princess Love over their little pooch, Boogati, just escalated ... now Princess' arch enemy wants in on the dog fight -- and says it could get violent. We saw "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Teairra Mari -- СЏв•—в”ђwith co-star Nikki Mudarris -- coming out of Mr. Chow Tuesday and asked about the nasty breakup between Ray J and Princess ... and their fight over their pet Maltese. There's already bad blood between Teairra and Princess -- after their epic battle over Ray J on the TV show. Teairra made it clear... she'll get physical if that's what it takes.
Kim Zolciak just shared an up close and personal post-surgery photo of her son's injured face after he was gnarled by a dog ... and the attack left several marks. Kim posted a pic Tuesday of 4-year-old Kash Biermann, with a long caption thanking fans who sent prayers during the ordeal. She says ... "Kash has healed up incredibly and has perfect vision in his left eye. Stitches on his water line, and his eyeball was never touched! God is Good!" Kim also thanked the doctors who operated on her son. As we reported ... Kash had to undergo surgery after he was bitten in the face. At the time, Kim cited his injuries as "traumatic." She's never said anything more about the attack or whose dog was behind it.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar opened up his wallet to take Kathy Griffin out to a dinner Tuesday night -- to thank the comic for writing his "I'm Michael Jordan" joke at the Democratic National Convention. Turns out, the two have been friends for a while (they met at the Chris Matthews show) ... and Kathy says she offered up the assist when it came to punching up KAJ's DNC speech. You know the joke ... Kareem walks out and says, "Hi I'm Michael Jordan ... I said that because I know Donald Trump couldn't tell the difference." After the thank you dinner, Kathy raved about the NBA legend -- and gave the plate-by-plate breakdown on what he had to eat. It's pretty funny.

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